1936 Auburn Speedster

This 1936 Auburn Speedster is a rare and sophisticated car with a long history.

The Auburn Automobile Company was revived in the mid 1920s by entrepreneur Errett Lobban Cord. Cord was an established business man, with stakes in radio stations, airlines and ships, just to name a few.

Cord re-invigorated the company in 1925 and created the Auburn Speedster 8-88 model to much fanfare. Throughout the next decade, he would work with various automobile and engine designers to create a “fast” car that offered an enclosure for the driver and passenger — a relatively new concept during this time in history. Despite his relative success, Cord closed the doors on the Auburn Automobile Company in 1937.

For the next 30 years, the Auburn Automobile Company, later known as the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Company, and its inventory changed hands multiple times until it fell into the lap of Oklahoma native Glenn Pray in 1960.

In the late 1960s, Pray began toying with the idea of re-building Boattail Speedsters with the remaining Auburn inventory — a second generation of the Auburns, if you will. The last model officially released by the company was the 852 model in 1936 — so Pray began working on his model, the 866.

This particular Auburn was built in 1980 with a 460 Lincoln engine and all Ford parts. This creamy yellow boattail was purchased with the Thrasher collection in early Fall 2016 and you should see the looks she gets on the open road. Not only is the car a beauty, but she’s a living piece of history.

We added this car to our collection in Fall 2016 as part of the Thrasher collection. Read more about the collection here.