1976 Jaguar XJS

Jaguar had big shoes to fill following XK and the E-Car models. The XK models –- 120 through 150 –- are considered the true classics of Jaguars. In the ten-year period when they were being developed and produced, they became symbol of Jaguar’s success after winning three La Mans.

The introduction of the E-Car left many fans horrified with the dramatic change. Whereas others, such as Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari consider it the most beautiful car ever built. Indeed, it developed quite a reputation and sells today for amounts equal to the classic XKs.

Then came the XJS, a modern sports car with luxuries never heard of before. Indeed, it was handsome and a true value of a car for the money. 1976 marked the first year of the production of the XJS, which lived on until 1996. This XJS is a 12-cylinder, 4-speed with an automatic transmission. It has a beautiful red leather interior with a classic Jaguar silver paint job.

The car you are viewing stands as it did when received from the factory in the 1970s. With less than 6,000 original miles on it and no updates, you can truly step back in time and view this Jag as it was in 1976, right down to the original factory Dunlap tires.

Do observe its simplicity as a sports car in this early year. Then, compare it to the luxuries Jaguars have incorporated throughout the years, leading to the XJS becoming one of the most luxurious cars available in mid-1990s.