Not Your Average “Joe”

It is evident from my comments about cars and the cars in my collection that I’m interested in a wide array of vehicles. I’ve enjoyed finding them, collecting them, working on them and I love the discovery of their unique mechanics.

For quite some time, I have had an echoing in my mind of a need to hear a Ford Flathead v8 engine purring along. Upon a visit to Leaded Gas Classic Cars, managed by my friend Eric Joiner, he cranked up a car they had on the floor – a 1939 Ford V8 – and just the sound of the engine confirmed that indeed I had to get my hands on one of these cars.

In studying Ford models starting in 1932, there are many different body styles — everything from a coupe to a sedan. Fords were known as the ideal car to convert into hotrods. We’ve seen a number of the ’32 duece coups, ’34 coups, and the ’40 Ford. However, I settled upon a ’38 Ford, which are somewhat rare. There was a recession that year in the United States, so there are not that many ’38 Fords in existence.

I found Joe in Texas. Joe is a ’38 Ford custom coupe with a V8 Flathead engine. It was maintained as a cruise-in car by a dedicated owner who provided it with an excellent paint job and a few other adjustments.

We were glad to find that it had no rust. Upon receiving the car in Birmingham, we decided that we should build an engine – a Ford V8 Flathead. We spent a few of those good male bonding afternoons souping the engine up. Now, we have the flathead motor in Joe with 2 Offenhauser heads, a mild cam, and two barrel carburetors as well as an electronic ignition pulling power from the 1951 engine we used to build the horsepower from 85 all the way up to 160. It sounds beautiful.

We’re waiting on the receipt of supplies to update the interior of Joe. In the future, we also plan on changing the mechanical brakes, putting in a new exhaust system and touching up the paint on the body. More to come as we progress on this refreshing of Joe.

Because of my excitement over Joe, I found his sister, Jolene, which is the most original ’38 Ford sedan I’ve ever encountered. At this time we’re mainly tightening up the screws and putting in some new floor mats and detailing her. Soon, she will step out with all the beauty of her raven black color.

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