Z-Car Takes Home “Most Unusual Car” Award

15000797_1227296880677174_4273602315962454884_oA lot of people have asked me what kind of car Scraper is. They’ve never seen one like it, so I thought it was time to put together a story on the Zephyr, which is based on a tribute to the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr V12.

Former HOT ROD editor Terry Cook has had a passion for classic cars since before his feet could reach the peddles. In the early 1980s, Cook began a years-long quest to create a car inspired by the Lincoln Zephyr, produced from late 1930s till the beginning of the second World War. The creation of his Z-Car took thousands of man hours, research and trial and error. He unveiled the final product after four years of collaboration with Ramsay Mosher. He came up with a car that was so unique looking that he showed it all over the world, including the SEMA show in Las Vegas and other car shows all over the United States. He was eventually invited to Pebble Beach, California, where the car was sold for $275,000 in RM Auction to the Robert E. Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, California, where it resided from 1990 to 2013.

To give you an idea of the uniqueness of the Z-Car, Hotwheels made a design of the car which immediately sold out. However, Cook was a smart man and had molds created of the car before he sold it. He then went on to found Deco Rides with the goal of creating these flowing, flamboyant cars like the Z-Car and the Boattail.

15068483_1227282310678631_8580132354545965267_oIn 2005, Deco Rides struck an agreement with Speedster Motorcars, based out of Florida. In the agreement, Deco Rides agreed to stop production of the Z-Car from their factory and instead allow Speedster Motorcars, based out of Clearwater, Florida, to produce turnkey Z-Cars.

That’s where our friend, Scraper, a Z-car inspired by the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr, was born. There were only 50 of his particular model made, so he’s a rare find indeed. He was created in the early 2000s and came to us as a part of the Thrasher collection.

We recently showed Scraper at the Cruizin-N-D-Cotton Car Show in Harpersville, Alabama alongside Nana Pudd. The Z-car took home the award for the most unusual/bad ass car. We hate to toot our own horn, but we have to agree- the Z-Car is startlingly unique and one of our favorites in the collection.15025241_1227288607344668_2450538561723962757_o

img_5741We had a fun day answering questions about our handsome hyper-fluid Zephyr. Since we purchased it, we’ve installed a back up camera to make driving the 48-inch tall, 16.5-feet long coupe a little easier.

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