Blackberry is a 1976 Jaguar XJ6C.

Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar Company, always wanted a sedan coupe. While he developed some beautiful cars such as the XK120, the E-Car and the Mark IV, VII and IX, he never had his wish fulfilled until 1976.

This coupe was manufactured by shortening the frame of the XK6 to where it had a two-door body. There were many interesting modifications done to make the coupe work including the doors,

which had to be larger and weighed 200 pounds each. The XJ6C was manufactured from 1976 to1978 and was halted as a result of the oil crisis. The XJ6 4-door lived on until the late 90s.

This car is the rarest production car that Jaguar made. It contains a 1986 Jaguar fuel-injection engine, a custom powder-coated header back exhaust system, a custom fabricated ram air intake system, a Series 1 torque converter and lightened flywheel and a custom blackberry paint job, hence the name.