Nana Puddin’

Probably the most popular car in my collection in Nana Pudd, a 1951 Ford business coupe with a body style that we referred to in high school as a “shoebox.”

Although I have a number of classic, stylish works of art, Nana Pudd has been the car most remarked on and given thumbs up. This is primarily because the Ford business coupe was popular in the late 40s and early 50s, right around the time that televisions became popular. That car was probably the most prevalent car we saw on cop and robber shows. In the real world, somebody’s uncle in every family had one of these cars. Those emotions of our past are raised when people see Nana Pudding. She is probably the oldest car that I have in my collection as far as years I’ve owned her. She will remain there forever since she’s also the car I used when dating and wooing my wife, Allison. Nana Pudd has been personalized with some beautiful art airbrushed of everything from Allison’s portrait to a staggering picture of swamp monster.